<strong>Welcome to the Dog Lodge!</strong>

Welcome to the Dog Lodge!

Overnight lodging and doggy daycare in South Lyon, Michigan

Our mission here at The Dog Lodge is to provide a fun, safe environment for your pet while you are away. We pride ourselves on being a hands-on facility that offers constant interaction with our furry guests. The Dog Lodge cares for canines of all ages offering the overnight lodging, daycare and bathing services.

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<strong>3 ways our dog day care stands out from the rest</strong>

3 ways our dog day care stands out from the rest

We want you pup to have a great time while they are in the care of others. The staff at The Dog Lodge at Dandy Acres will make sure of that. Here are a few ways we remain a top choice for dog owners in the area:

  1. We offer an attentive, loving environment while you are away. Alot of dog owners often feel sad or guilty when they have to be away from their pet. They think their dog is going to be depressed and lonely. This is not the case at The Dog Lodge. We strive everyday to give all guests positive reinforcement and make their kenneling experience a happy one. Our staff is extremely caring and affectionate towards the dogs that visit our facility and love them like their own. Not to mention we also like to have a lot of fun here, such as soccer days, dance parties, pool time & just good ol playtime.
  2. The cleanliness, consistent routine and proper fit of the guests in our facility surpass our competitors. We have an introduction day that is required for all new visitors. This helps us to get to know your dog and their needs prior to them staying with us. Unfortunately we do not accept all dogs, just ones that have the potential to have a positive experience during their stay with us. We also pride ourselves on being one of the cleanest kennels around and have a daily routine that all guests learn easily so their stay will be as stress free as possible.
  3. We offer a Specialized Senior Care program for aging dogs and guests with special needs. Animal environments are often exhausting for the geriatric crowd and/or a dog that has a medical ailment. The Specialized Senior Care program is designed to minimize the stress on these particular guests. Visitors in this program have a personalized daily routine based on their individual needs. We also have education in caring for pets with difficult medical ailments and are able to understand the limitations that they may have.
You can trust our dedicated staff to keep a watchful eye over your pup while you’re off running errands or finishing work for the day. Contact Dandy Acres Animal Hospital today to discuss your doggie day care needs!

Introduction Policy

Prior to booking any overnight lodging visits or frequent daycare visits, all guests must come in for a scheduled introductory day of daycare. Your pet will spend a day at our facility, 5 hours or more is required. At the end of that visit we will determine what is the best fit for them and what care they may require while you are away. We offer different programs for special needs pets and seniors. We also offer group socialization for those who enjoy the company of other dogs. Unfortunately we do not care for dogs that are unsocial or aggressive towards other dogs or people. A social dog does not need to actively play with the other dogs in group they just need to be able to mingle with their own kind.

  • 1 dog - $26
  • 2 dogs - $39
  • 3 dogs - $52

  • We offer Intro Day by reservation Monday through Saturday. Drop-off times are from 8-12 am and pick-up times are from 2-7 pm. Your dog can be dropped off anytime between the allotted timeframe and then be picked 5 hours or more in the afternoon/evening. If all goes well, you can feel free to schedule any overnight lodging visits or daycare thereafter.

    Call and schedule your introduction today!

    Specialized Senior Care

    This is a program we offer for special needs pets and/or senior animals that need overnight lodging services. Most of these guests are unable to participate in group socialization because of their age and/or physical limitations. Each pet involved in this program will receive a personalized daily schedule based on their specific needs, whether it be extra walks and/or potty breaks, special meal preparation, medication administration and exercise routines according to their capabilities.

    We will determine at introduction day if your pet will need to be a part of this program and they will be automatically placed in a particular location within our facility for their health and safety.

    The fee for this program is $49 per night.

    Puppy Requirements

    Minimum age of service is approximately 14 weeks of age. This will depend on your veterinarian's vaccine protocol. All puppies must have their Distemper series complete, Bordetella and a negative fecal check.

    Rabies vaccine required by 6 months of age.

    Heartworm Test required by 9 months of age.

    All pets must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

    General Guest Information

    All guests of our facility must be non-aggressive towards people and other animals. It is our goal to have all visitors out of their kennels for the majority of the day, therefore our daily routines do not work for unsocial animals.

    All guests must be spayed or neutered by 6 months of age.

    Holiday Lodging requires confirmation and pre-payment 2 weeks prior to the visit. These are prime booking times that are sought after by our clientele. This helps us to make sure any availability is filled prior to the actual holiday. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on holidays pre-payments. The times of the year that are included in this are:

    Midwinter break
    Spring Break & Easter
    Labor Day
    Fourth of July
    Memorial Day
    Christmas & New Years

    Although we love all dogs at The Dog Lodge, we do have some limitations on the breeds that we can accommodate. We do not socialize some of the powerful breeds which include, but are not limited to:

    Pit Bull Terriers
    American Bulldogs
    Staffordshire Terriers
    Bull Terriers
    and/or mixes of these breeds

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we have determined that we are not designed to properly handle these powerful breeds of dogs.

    Acoustics Are Important

    Dogs and cats don't like unnecessary loud noises any more than humans do, with the exception of Heavy Metal rock music fans! We take many steps to muffle and eliminate noise and reduce barking for our patients and guests, our staff, and our neighbors.

    • Our dogs at the Dog Lodge socialize and interact a minimum of 8 hours every day. There might be the occasional yip of delight, but that's about it.
    • Exercise all day long = Lots of SLEEP! Our guests are offered a lot of physical and mental stimulation all day long so that when the lights go out at night? They are sound asleep in minutes.
    • Tours of the facility, trades-people, and visitors are only allowed during specific times to curtail barking and decrease stress on our guests.
    • Design and materials: Surfaces, doors...even paint...all are designed to minimize the transmission of noise to our neighbors, the clinic, other dogs, and our clients and staff.
    • Ceiling tiles and baffles: The ceiling tiles throughout the facility are not your ordinary ceiling tiles. These are specifically designed to absorb sound. (They cost 12 times the amount of ordinary ceiling tiles). We also utilize fire-proof baffling throughout to reduce noise transmission.
    • White noise and music: We use this to calm the dogs and provide a peaceful background that covers up random noises like passing sirens and even thunder.

    It’s all about being as stress-free as we can!

    <strong>Vaccine Requirements</strong>

    Vaccine Requirements

    In order for your pet to come to our facility they must meet our vaccine requirements.

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    Puppy Vaccine Requirements

    Puppy Vaccine Requirements

    In order for your puppy to come to our facility they must meet our vaccine requirements.

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    Hours of Operation

    Please note that we offer multiple services here at The Dog Lodge and times differ for each of them.

    Overnight Lodging:

    • Monday-Saturday 8-12pm, 2-6pm
    • Sunday 3-7pm
    • Monday-Saturday: 7-12pm, 2-7pm
    • Sunday: 3-7pm
    Introduction Day drop off:
    • Monday-Saturday 8-12pm
    Introduction Day pick up:
    • Monday-Saturday 2-7pm

    We are closed daily from 12-2pm and our Sunday hours differ from the rest of the week.