Cat & Dog Dental Care

Who Offers Oral Care Services for Pets in South Lyon, MI, and Lyon Township, MI?

Dandy Acres Small Animal Hospital will take care of your pet’s mouth.

Dogs and cats use their mouths for everything. Nearly every dog or cat over the age of five has a problem with its mouth. Did you know an animal’s tooth enamel is four times thinner than a human’s? Think of your pet’s tooth like an iceberg – most of it is hidden, so most problems aren’t obvious. Infections are painful and dangerous to your pet. Dandy Acres Small Animal Hospital offers superior dental care to keep your pets as pain-free and healthy as possible.

All of the Veterinarians at Dandy Acres have extra training in dentistry. Why are we so focused on it?

Pets use their mouths for everything.
Pet’s enamel is only ¼ as thick as human enamel.
Teeth are like icebergs; all the trouble lies beneath the gum line, even when they look pretty on the outside!
Bad teeth and mouth problems are PAINFUL.
Infections are PAINFUL.
Dog breath = Normal
Foul breath = NOT NORMAL 

Signs you need to get your pet’s teeth checked

Look for these problems as a sign that your dog or cat requires serious oral care:

    Foul breath

    Broken teeth

    Discolored teeth

    Reduced appetite

    Bleeding/swelling in the mouth or on the face


Our veterinary dentists are VERY thorough. We run a full-mouth x-ray study on each patient, upper and lower. We chart, we probe, we even root-plane and apply doxirobe treatments if we think we can save a particular tooth. Dogs have 42 teeth, cats have 30 teeth. That’s a lot to keep track of! What’s more, poor oral hygiene allows bacteria to get into the blood stream and cause heart, kidney, and joint problems and worse. Changes in your pet’s behavior could be related to oral problems, too.

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