The Goldilocks Veterinary Hospital

A "Goldilocks" Vet Clinic is just what you would think:

Not too big, not too small, JUST RIGHT.

Why is this important?


Too big and you lose that personal touch that is so vital to healthcare for all our pets. (This goes for humans too!) The medicine at a large hospital can become disorganized and relationship building is limited. Cases, results, patients… all can be lost in the shuffle.


Too small and you have a one-Veterinarian clinic who can’t possibly keep up with the constant changes inherent to modern medicine. The one-Veterinarian practice doesn’t have enough exposure to other Veterinarians or cases to learn and share knowledge and resources. They are on their own and have two full time jobs - they must spend so much time on the business and administrative side of things that the medicine can suffer. They don’t know what they don’t know and you don’t either.

Just Right!

“Goldilocks” practice Veterinarians concentrate on medicine full time because they have a practice manager dedicated to all the administrative headaches.

A “Goldilocks” practice:

Has three to five Veterinarians who work closely together either front and center or behind the scenes for patients’ benefit. They work together on cases simple and difficult. They offer each other advice, support, research, insights, back-up, and an extra hand.

They assist each other in surgeries, ultrasounds, and diagnostics and they discuss particularly difficult cases in daily rounds.

They constantly grow as Veterinarians because they bounce ideas and cases off each other all day long so that clients often get the medical expertise of two or three Veterinarians for the price of one.

The “Goldilocks” practice has enough clients to spread out the cost of equipment, training, and facilities so medicine is more affordable, safer, and more effective.


“Goldilocks” - Not too big...Not too small...Just right!